I am trying to feed 3 little dogs (old post)

date : 08 October 2017

I saw 3 little dogs with mom dog. When mom dog is around i went to 3 little dogs and trying to feed them. 3 little dogs afraid of me. So i throw the biscuits from distance and they are eating, but here comes a villain a big bad dog. This bad dog is not related to 3 little dogs i think because it pushed 3 little dogs away eating biscuits. So i went there and throw some biscuits to other side so bad dog go there and this 3 little dogs eat biscuits peacefully. Biscuits over and i went store brought biscuits. 

This time there is mom dog with 3 little dogs. I am doing same throwing biscuits from distance but there is bad dog too. I throw some biscuits other side to keep between bad dog and 3 little dogs with mom dog. After some time went some close and throw biscuits. Again so close feeding little dog biscuits using hand. First i afraid mom dog will attack me but it not attack. So i went close to mom dog and trying feed mom dog using hand not throwing but i think mom dog thought i am doing some to her, so she gave me a biggg bark. After hearing that big bark so close i just went away. And that’s the end me feeding 3 little dogs. 

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