Godzilla vs Kong is best monsterverse movie.

It’s an amazing movie with stunning visual effects and awesome action. Well, when comes to the plot, well I am not going to talk about that? The fight between Godzilla and Kong is awesome, you can’t eyes off the screen. And there comes the Mechagodzilla in the climax and that’s another awesome action.

I watched this movie in my language. Hollywood movies don’t release in my town in English. So i need to watch it in my language. This is the first Hollywood movie released in my town in three theatres with houseful first day.. Damn!
No Hollywood movie released more than one theatre in my town. I surprised when it released in three theatres.

Note : i watched this movie for big monsters fight only.

Definitely Godzilla vs Kong is the best movie in MonsterVerse. 
If you put the logics away. 

I really enjoyed the movie.

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