Watched Sex Education season 3

It’s so touching, emotional and amazing. Sex Education is one of the best shows. So many feeling in season 3.

I really feel so bad for ruby. I almost shipped to Otis and Ruby. I feel bad for Eric, Adam and even Adam’s father Michael. Michael got bullied by his father and brother. And he don’t even remember when he cried last time, oh poor Michael.

Lily alien thing. Jean & Jakob becoming parents again. Aimee still struggles from bus incident. Aimee and Maeve friendship is amazing. So many things and you need to watch the show yourself. I still hate Isaac. Maeve forgives him so easily for what he done, i hate that.

At last Otis and Maeve together. But Maeve decide to go to America.

Otis : So this is goodbye.
Maeve : No. It's see you soon.

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