a orange cat meowing loudly

This orange cat meowing so loudly a few days ago in the morning. I thought it’s hungry and I went down and put the small blow of milk near it. But it just ran away seeing me and so I went far from milk but it not gone to milk. It just still meowing. Later I thought it may be meowing for a kitten. There is a kitten in my neighbor’s house.

Well, later the cat is silent and then I took photos of the cat. here are photos

after this, here comes another cat. This new cat is trying to reach and communicate with the orange cat. But the orange cat just ran away after the new cat reached so near to it.

Here are the new photos

This first photo of the new cat is bad. My camera is in repair. I took all photos from my friend’s camera. The new camera is difficult for me to operate fast because it’s so different from my camera and it’s not a touch screen and no flip out screen. Some buttons are in different places. I am still trying to understand this new camera on that these cats appeared.

After few seconds this new cat was also gone.

And I still not saw these cats from that day.

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