At last i watched free guy

I am waiting for the free guy to release in India on any OTT. Now it’s released on Disney Plus Hotstar. It was released in India in theaters but I don’t think it was released in my town.

Anyway at last I watched it. It’s so fun and entertaining. I loved it. Ryan Reynolds has really nailed it. Jodie comer is good and it’s nice to see Joe Keery. Shawn levy really made a cool movie.

I laughed so loud that mom heard. I am in my room and my mom in the kitchen. You can’t hear anything from my room to kitchen or from kitchen to my room unless you shout too loud. My mom asking why you laughing so loud, my mind ‘what she heard I laughed? I laughed that loud?’. So apparently I laughed so loud. Well, Free Guy made me laugh so loud.

Free Guy is really so fun and amazing. I laughed so much. I most liked and laughed so loud part is ‘Wreaking Ball’ and ‘Chris Evens’.

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