r/place is fun and r/Ni_Bondha created జ్ఞా

When Reddit announced r/place is coming back. Redditers are excited about it. I don’t anything about that and what is it that Redditers are so excited about it.

And there is a Telugu language subreddit r/Ni_Bondha and they decided to create జ్ఞా in r/place. I don’t get it totally.

Well, it started and I understand what is r/place. And we started to create జ్ఞా. and we created a border first with black and we got attacked and we lost the place.

r/Ni_Bondha members created జ్ఞా and lost it while I am sleeping.

bondhas created జ్ఞా again. this time I also participated and successfully created జ్ఞా.

twitch streamer slyfoxhound destroyed our జ్ఞా while I am sleeping. slyfoxhound destroyed many other’s art or logo or pixels whatever they call it.

we hate him

After slyfoxhound destroyed it. someone try to occupy our place, we fought and successfully created జ్ఞా. And we just defending it.

April 4th at 6:30 pm (IST) is the end of r/place I thought but it’s not. There is no proper time info about when r/place will end. so I decided to sleep because I am not the main guy in creating జ్ఞా and I can’t be awake at night and other r/Ni_Bondha members will look after జ్ఞా. so I went to sleep.

April 5th morning when I woke up, i immediately opened Reddit and everything is gone, there is only white. It’s just fucking white.

I am like what the fuck. what happened? where is everything gone?.
well, that’s the end of r/place.

i had fun when participated in creating జ్ఞా.

here is the complete timelapse of r/place

go and check out r/place

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