How to create a MetaMask wallet?

Install MetaMask extension to your browser (supported browsers chrome, firefox, brave, and edge)

It redirects to this page and click ‘Get Started’. if it does not redirect that page or got any problem, click the MetaMask extension and it will redirect to this page.

Click ‘create a wallet’

if you want to help them, click ‘I agree’. if you don’t want, click ‘no thanks’.

create a password. (this password is only used to unlock the wallet in the browser. when importing this wallet into a new browser you need a new password there too)

after creating a password, they tell you ‘how to secure your wallet?‘ and ‘ what is a secret recovery phrase?‘ on this page. secret recovery phrase is key to your wallet. It is a 12-word phrase and if you lose that 12 words, you lose your wallet and funds. click ‘next’ to see the secret recovery phrase.

click ‘click here to reveal secret words’. and it will reveal the 12 words and write down those 12 words in the paper in order as they are given. keep that paper in a somewhere safe place. remember never to share secret recovery phrase with anyone. after writing down the secret recovery phrase, click ‘next’.

confirm your secret recovery phrase. select 12 words in order to make sure it is correct and click ‘confirm’

Congratulations your MetaMask wallet is created. now you can connect to blockchain apps.

here is the video too

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