Luna fell down

Luna fell down so deep. Many people got so much loss. This is crazy. people buying dip but even that dip going down. The lowest price luna went was $0.002438. The Terra blockchain has officially halted at block 7607789. Terra Validators have halted the network to come up with a plan to reconstitute it. More updates to come. — Terra (UST) 🌍 Powered by LUNA … Continue reading Luna fell down

Storm Gain free bitcoin cloud miner

It’s tried this free bitcoin cloud miner and I reached a minimum withdrawal of 10 USDT. I have withdrawn 10.34 USDT to storm gain’s wallet. You can’t withdraw these mined funds to another exchange or wallet. You can only trade with these mined funds and you can withdraw profit. So I opened trade, hope I get profit. How long does it take to reach minimum … Continue reading Storm Gain free bitcoin cloud miner