Teen with giant hands

This Indian teenage boy has giant hands. At first, I thought it was photoshop. After reading the comments and finding it’s real. And I found there are two people with giant hands too. Continue reading Teen with giant hands

Batman city

You going to say Batman city is Gotham. Well ya everyone knows that Batman’s city is Gotham. But did you know that there is a city named Batman. Yes there is a Batman city and it is located in Batman province, Turkey. Actually it pronounced ‘baht-man’ in local. Even there is a batman river too. In change.org, there is a petition to Governor of Batman … Continue reading Batman city

Two Fucking Villages

There are two villages named ‘Fucking’ , but not now. Two villages changed name to ‘Fugging’. Yeah same old name and same new name. These two villages are located in Austria. One located in state of Upper Austria and other one located in state of Lower Austria.Two villages not changed name same time. Lower Austria village changed name ‘Fucking to Fugging’ in 1836. Upper Austria … Continue reading Two Fucking Villages