a orange cat meowing loudly

This orange cat meowing so loudly a few days ago in the morning. I thought it’s hungry and I went down and put the small blow of milk near it. But it just ran away seeing me and so I went far from milk but it not gone to milk. It just still meowing. Later I thought it may be meowing for a kitten. There … Continue reading a orange cat meowing loudly

people don’t look happy

Yesterday me, dad and mom going to a birthday party. We going in auto. In a way, dad and the auto driver are talking. The auto driver is my dad’s friend’s brother. They talking about people don’t look happy. They don’t seem happy. They just going in life. Auto driver says even people who have money don’t look happy. In the back, even the poor … Continue reading people don’t look happy

Taking photo of myself everyday

Already tried this one. I started taking photo from day i clean shoved and haircut. I took photo of myself everyday, only 83 days. Well i forgot to take photo of myself on day 84. So that’s why it’s 83 days. First thought I can’t even take photo of myself 30 days, but it’s 83 days.I took photo of myself from June 14, 2021 to … Continue reading Taking photo of myself everyday

What I done in 2020?

Just doing photography, making some YouTube videos, watching lots of movies and shows and most of thinking what hell i want to do. That’s it What you done in 2020? Oh I almost forgot. I started capturing clouds. And I loved that. Seeing clouds is really so amazing and relaxing. Now that’s it And what you done in 2020? Oh wait I already asked that … Continue reading What I done in 2020?