My first NFT

I don’t know completely how NFTs works. I am thinking about to put my photography or art in NFT for so long. Well i done that now. My NFT is open for bids. If you interested check out my NFT on Rarible Click here to check out my NFT Continue reading My first NFT

Ei-tetsu Hayashi and Shinn-ichi Kino-shita performance in 1997 is so cool

Someone posted clip of this performance in 9gag. It’s cool so searched found the full performance video. It’s so cool. This performance is crazy. Master of Japanese drums Ei-tetsu Hayashi breaks one baton but he don’t skip the beat and changes the broken baton. that’s crazy This performance happened in the National Theater, Chiyoda, Tokyo in 1997. master of Japanese drums (Ei-tetsu Hayashi) and master … Continue reading Ei-tetsu Hayashi and Shinn-ichi Kino-shita performance in 1997 is so cool

people don’t look happy

Yesterday me, dad and mom going to a birthday party. We going in auto. In a way, dad and the auto driver are talking. The auto driver is my dad’s friend’s brother. They talking about people don’t look happy. They don’t seem happy. They just going in life. Auto driver says even people who have money don’t look happy. In the back, even the poor … Continue reading people don’t look happy

Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily dose of internet is the one of the best YouTube channel. Daily dose of internet handled by Jason Gryniewicz. The daily dose of internet content is a three-minute video showcasing various viral, treading, and compelling clips from the internet. How can he use someone’s clips? he takes the clip owner’s permission to upload. or People can submit their clip to a daily dose of … Continue reading Daily Dose Of Internet