Watched Lucifer 3 seasons

Well it’s not bad or good. it’s a okay show. Frist it’s look stupid show. After 3 episodes it’s really fun to watch. Frist 2 seasons are good and 3rd season is ok. Season 3 is really messed up and it’s so dragged. you get bored in some episodes. I think Season 3 episodes 25 & 26 are bonus/standalone episodes. Totally it’s a okay show. … Continue reading Watched Lucifer 3 seasons

watched money heist 3&4 seasons

Season 1 & 2 is really amazing. I liked it. Well when comes to Season 3 & 4, it is just okay. not like amazing and interesting as first two seasons. Season 3 & 4 is so much dramatic, emotional and some scenes look like stupid. And got bored with some berlin parts. What’s gonna happen? they will escape or they will get caught? how … Continue reading watched money heist 3&4 seasons

watched Money heist two seasons

I started watching money heist. Everyone i know said it’s good. so i started watching it. I completed two seasons. Damn it’s crazy. It’s really amazing show. It’s so interesting to watch. I never watched that much interesting any show. What’s gonna happen? they will escape or they get caught? that’s what in my mind in whole two seasons. Now started season 3, rio is … Continue reading watched Money heist two seasons

Loki is amazing

Well completed watching Loki and it’s amazing show. I loved the show except 3rd episode. And episode 5 is best episode. You need to watch this show. We got female Loki, old Loki, young Loki, black Loki, Loki who same look like Loki and everyone favorite Alligator Loki. This show is so better than wandavision and falcon & winter soldier. And it’s not over, Loki … Continue reading Loki is amazing


I am not excited for Loki because of WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. After watching these two shows, I thought Loki also going to be bad. So I stopped waiting for Loki and even I forgot when it’s releasing. I just opened Disney plus HotStar because i am bored and saw Loki, so it’s released. And decided to to watch it. Impressed, … Continue reading Loki


After watching 4th episode, i thought it will become better but it does not. Quicksilver is not from X-Men and he’s just some dude lives in Westview. What the Hell is this? Monica and Agnes character is some annoying. Making wanda a total villain makes this show good. She lost control and becomes villain that must be good. Last episode is so rush. And monica … Continue reading WandaVision

Wandavision 4 episodes

Well 3 episodes are sitcom, many people not liked that. I say 3 episodes are okay and not bad,. There are mysteries in 3 episodes. Those mysteries are explained in episode 4. Episode 4 is amazing. I watched whole episode interestingly, not even touching my mobile. Now it’s so interesting show. Episode 1 1950s, episode 2 1960s, episode 3 1970s and episode 4 shows what’s … Continue reading Wandavision 4 episodes