Spider-man no way home plot leak

I saw tweet that have screenshots of movie plot. After reading that i don’t feel like it’s real plot. It’s look like a fan plot. If it is real and if they execute it properly then it will be good or if they don’t execute properly then it will bad and worse. Here is video where i read plot and talk about that. Continue reading Spider-man no way home plot leak

Chinese rocket – twitter

The reports say a Chinese rocket landed in the Indian ocean near the maldives. Anyway, I opened Twitter because to make YouTube. Video uploaded to my channel. you can see the video end of this post. Here are few tweets or just video: . This person hates Monday . Cat is ready. Save the cat whatever it takes . Learning new countries . That’s Darth … Continue reading Chinese rocket – twitter

Taking photo of myself everyday

Already tried this one. I started taking photo from day i clean shoved and haircut. I took photo of myself everyday, only 83 days. Well i forgot to take photo of myself on day 84. So that’s why it’s 83 days. First thought I can’t even take photo of myself 30 days, but it’s 83 days.I took photo of myself from June 14, 2021 to … Continue reading Taking photo of myself everyday

Godzilla vs. kong

Trailer released and i am so hyped for the movie. Since trailer released internet filled with godzilla vs. kong memes. Memes are godzilla fan vs king kong fans, lizard vs monkey and hulk saying big monsters, big monkey and big lizard. The memes are so good and hilarious. here is the trailer and here is the video i done, i hope you guys like it. Continue reading Godzilla vs. kong