Totally Useless Websites

‘Totally Useless Websites’ website is collection of useless websites. If You just bored then check out these useless websites. Continue reading Totally Useless Websites

Bored? then press this button!

Are you bored to death? Well here is the bored button. Press that bored button and you get an interactive website that cures your boredom. Every time you press that red button, you get a fun interactive website and you will be bored no more. There are hundreds of interactive websites. To explore that all websites, you just need to press that red button. It’s … Continue reading Bored? then press this button!


Here is the another useless website ‘Eelslap’. Is this useless website? Answer is yes and no. Yes Because you just slap a person with eel by moving mouse from right to left. And what is useful by it. nothing. NoJust fun dude. if bored or want to pass the time, it is good. or if angry to slap someone, well eelslap is here. And if … Continue reading eelslap