A Chicken nugget sold for $99,997

WTF? Seriously, a chicken nugget sold for $99,997. The chicken nugget looks like a character o f the Among Us game and i played that only once. Well anyway what the hell, dude? It sold on eBay auction. The opening bid is only 99 cents. Total bids on McDonald’s Among Us shaped Nugget from BTS Meal is 184 bids. The seller is polizna. Don’t know … Continue reading A Chicken nugget sold for $99,997

who buys these hoodies?

I found 1 crazy hoodie on Pinterest. After clicking that crazy hoodie pin, I got many crazy hoodie pins. And is anyone buying these hoodies? So I am going to share the hoodies I found on Pinterest. Here goes……………….. Nutella hoodie I am not going to wear this hoodie. Cucumber hoodie I gift this to my friend. Meat hoodie I am a meat. come and … Continue reading who buys these hoodies?

Cup Noodles headphones

This deaign looks stupid, but I want it. I found this on ifunny and searched for them. And it is f**king apirl fool joke. WTF Obviously it is apirl fool joke. Who makes this noodle headphone? And who will buy? Well I will buy. If you ask why? Huh….. I don’t know. Crazy thing is there is petition on change.org that Hyper X to release … Continue reading Cup Noodles headphones