Daily Dose Of Internet

Daily dose of internet is the one of the best YouTube channel. Daily dose of internet handled by Jason Gryniewicz. The daily dose of internet content is a three-minute video showcasing various viral, treading, and compelling clips from the internet. How can he use someone’s clips? he takes the clip owner’s permission to upload. or People can submit their clip to a daily dose of … Continue reading Daily Dose Of Internet

Godzilla vs. kong

Trailer released and i am so hyped for the movie. Since trailer released internet filled with godzilla vs. kong memes. Memes are godzilla fan vs king kong fans, lizard vs monkey and hulk saying big monsters, big monkey and big lizard. The memes are so good and hilarious. here is the trailer and here is the video i done, i hope you guys like it. Continue reading Godzilla vs. kong