1 year ago I went to my friend’s house and stayed there for three days. There is a puppy, that’s a cute puppy. She is Labrador Retriever. When I go to sleep puppy barks. I hold the puppy, she goes to sleep and put the puppy at her sleep place and I go to sleep, puppy barks again. I awake the whole night and the … Continue reading puppy

I am trying to feed 3 little dogs (old post)

date : 08 October 2017 I saw 3 little dogs with mom dog. When mom dog is around i went to 3 little dogs and trying to feed them. 3 little dogs afraid of me. So i throw the biscuits from distance and they are eating, but here comes a villain a big bad dog. This bad dog is not related to 3 little dogs i … Continue reading I am trying to feed 3 little dogs (old post)