Lucifer Final season is kinda boring.

Lucifer final season is not that enjoyable like 4&5 seasons. I kinda got bored most of time. But i am happy with that lucifer and Chloe get together in last. Amenadiel will become the god. I kinda thought that Amenadiel will be god in last. I not thought that new angel is daughter of Lucifer and Chloe. In this 6 seasons, Season 4 is the … Continue reading Lucifer Final season is kinda boring.

Watched Lucifer 4 & 5 seasons

Lucifer season 4 & 5 is so better than first 3 seasons. I liked season 4 and i liked season 5 also but season 5 not liked few episodes and scenes. Episode 4 ‘It never ends well for the chicken’ is so bad and boring. Episode 10 ‘Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam’ is okay but singing and dancing scenes are irritating. Episode 12 ‘Daniel Espinoza: Naked … Continue reading Watched Lucifer 4 & 5 seasons

Watched Lucifer 3 seasons

Well it’s not bad or good. it’s a okay show. Frist it’s look stupid show. After 3 episodes it’s really fun to watch. Frist 2 seasons are good and 3rd season is ok. Season 3 is really messed up and it’s so dragged. you get bored in some episodes. I think Season 3 episodes 25 & 26 are bonus/standalone episodes. Totally it’s a okay show. … Continue reading Watched Lucifer 3 seasons