Multiverse of Madness is crazy

Damn the trailer is so amazing and crazy. I am so hyped now. The visuals are so cool. Seems Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is going to be a great MCU movie. Who is the real villain? is it wanda? or is other Doctor Strange? whoa, I’m so excited. Continue reading Multiverse of Madness is crazy

Eternals – half of movie is boring

Watched Eternals, ratings are correct movie s**ks. When i heard eternals rating is low, i thought they giving low rating because of gay superhero. What wrong with having gay superhero? But actually movie got low rating because of movie is bad. Half of the movie is boring and stupid forced jokes. please marvel stop putting forced jokes. They should have done series instead of movie. Continue reading Eternals – half of movie is boring


Miles Morales back! And now he goes on an adventure with Gwen Stacy(Spider-Woman) across the multiverse. And we getting a new villains. Movie going rlease October 7, 2022. 10 months to go. And you still not watched the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, then go and watch it. It’s amazing movie. Well here is the first look. check out Continue reading First Look of SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE (PART ONE)

Spider-Man : No Way Home trailer

Spider-Man No Way Home trailer released and it’s f**king crazy. We got Doc Ock, Green goblin, Sand Man, Electro and Lizard. After watching this trailer, it seems leaked plot is real. But we still don’t know the 6th villain. We got 5 villains. And we still don’t know that Tobey and Andrew are in movie or not. Well some fans are disappointed not seeing Tobey … Continue reading Spider-Man : No Way Home trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer

Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer dropped. Before the official trailer dropped, the trailer leaked with uncompleted VFX. Many people watched it. I also watched. Well, let’s see the trailer.As a leaked plot, green goblin, electro, doc ock, lizard, sandman, Tobey, and Andrew in the movie. In the official trailer, we saw the green goblin weapon that means goblin in the movie. And everyone knows Doc … Continue reading Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer

Eternals final trailer

Eternals final trailer is here. Now we know why they do not interfere with any human conflicts. Maybe they to interfere and help but they can’t do without getting instruction from whoever that (i don’t know the name) The visuals are amazing. I am really interested in this movie. I don’t know anything about Eternals. The movie going to release in theaters on November 5. Continue reading Eternals final trailer

Loki is amazing

Well completed watching Loki and it’s amazing show. I loved the show except 3rd episode. And episode 5 is best episode. You need to watch this show. We got female Loki, old Loki, young Loki, black Loki, Loki who same look like Loki and everyone favorite Alligator Loki. This show is so better than wandavision and falcon & winter soldier. And it’s not over, Loki … Continue reading Loki is amazing