Don’t F**k with Cats

Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is a brilliant documentary. I don’t watch documentaries. In my whole life, I watched only 5-7 documentaries I think. When I saw ‘cat’ in the title I just clicked it and started watching. And it’s a brilliantly well-made documentary. It’s so gripping. I could not stop watching it. Just watching this documentary I found how you can … Continue reading Don’t F**k with Cats

Arcane is best animated series.

Well at last i watched Arcane. It’s amazing series. I loved it. I got tears in some scenes, especially in episode 3. You will also get tears in some scenes. And action sequences are so awesome. You really need to watch this animated series. you gonna love it. I am now waiting for season 2. When i saw trailer, i thought it is gonna be … Continue reading Arcane is best animated series.

Squid game is not overrated

Well after seeing so many memes and social media posts about squid game. So I decided to watch it. After so long I am watching a K-Drama. I stopped watching K-Dramas 4 years ago. Many people on the internet saying it’s overrated. But this K-Drama is not overrated. It’s really a good show. People liked the show and sharing about squid game is good on … Continue reading Squid game is not overrated

Lucifer Final season is kinda boring.

Lucifer final season is not that enjoyable like 4&5 seasons. I kinda got bored most of time. But i am happy with that lucifer and Chloe get together in last. Amenadiel will become the god. I kinda thought that Amenadiel will be god in last. I not thought that new angel is daughter of Lucifer and Chloe. In this 6 seasons, Season 4 is the … Continue reading Lucifer Final season is kinda boring.

Spirited Away is amazing but not a Masterpiece

At last, I watched Spirited Away. Well, the animation is beautiful and the artwork is amazing. The characters in this anime are Weird, Strange, and Bizarre. I loved framing, colors, character designs, music, and artwork. Everything is good except the plot. The plot is simple and disappointing. I am waiting for any crazy twist or any crazy thing that will happen in the plot, but … Continue reading Spirited Away is amazing but not a Masterpiece