Eternals – half of movie is boring

Watched Eternals, ratings are correct movie s**ks. When i heard eternals rating is low, i thought they giving low rating because of gay superhero. What wrong with having gay superhero? But actually movie got low rating because of movie is bad. Half of the movie is boring and stupid forced jokes. please marvel stop putting forced jokes. They should have done series instead of movie. Continue reading Eternals – half of movie is boring

Arcane is best animated series.

Well at last i watched Arcane. It’s amazing series. I loved it. I got tears in some scenes, especially in episode 3. You will also get tears in some scenes. And action sequences are so awesome. You really need to watch this animated series. you gonna love it. I am now waiting for season 2. When i saw trailer, i thought it is gonna be … Continue reading Arcane is best animated series.