Diary of a Wimpy Kid trailer

I loved live action three Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie. I really miss the diary of a wimpy kid live action movie. I not watched 2017 movie The Long Haul. Actually i don’t even know until now there is a fourth live action movie. I checked reviews and box-office of The Long Haul. Well it’s seems like fourth movie is not good. Well this … Continue reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid trailer

At last i watched free guy

I am waiting for the free guy to release in India on any OTT. Now it’s released on Disney Plus Hotstar. It was released in India in theaters but I don’t think it was released in my town. Anyway at last I watched it. It’s so fun and entertaining. I loved it. Ryan Reynolds has really nailed it. Jodie comer is good and it’s nice … Continue reading At last i watched free guy

The Batman main trailer

The Batman main trailer is so dark and amazing. I love dark tune superhero movies. I hope movie will be amazing as trailer. Robert Pattinson is the new batman. Pattinson looks so cool than Ben Affleck as batman. ZoĆ« Kravitz is catwoman. She is looks perfect for catwoman. Andy Serkis is Alfred, okay he fits as Alfred. Matt Reeves is the director who made ‘Dawn … Continue reading The Batman main trailer

Squid game is not overrated

Well after seeing so many memes and social media posts about squid game. So I decided to watch it. After so long I am watching a K-Drama. I stopped watching K-Dramas 4 years ago. Many people on the internet saying it’s overrated. But this K-Drama is not overrated. It’s really a good show. People liked the show and sharing about squid game is good on … Continue reading Squid game is not overrated

Lucifer Final season is kinda boring.

Lucifer final season is not that enjoyable like 4&5 seasons. I kinda got bored most of time. But i am happy with that lucifer and Chloe get together in last. Amenadiel will become the god. I kinda thought that Amenadiel will be god in last. I not thought that new angel is daughter of Lucifer and Chloe. In this 6 seasons, Season 4 is the … Continue reading Lucifer Final season is kinda boring.

Spirited Away is amazing but not a Masterpiece

At last, I watched Spirited Away. Well, the animation is beautiful and the artwork is amazing. The characters in this anime are Weird, Strange, and Bizarre. I loved framing, colors, character designs, music, and artwork. Everything is good except the plot. The plot is simple and disappointing. I am waiting for any crazy twist or any crazy thing that will happen in the plot, but … Continue reading Spirited Away is amazing but not a Masterpiece

Bored? then press this button!

Are you bored to death? Well here is the bored button. Press that bored button and you get an interactive website that cures your boredom. Every time you press that red button, you get a fun interactive website and you will be bored no more. There are hundreds of interactive websites. To explore that all websites, you just need to press that red button. It’s … Continue reading Bored? then press this button!