Don’t F**k with Cats

Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer is a brilliant documentary. I don’t watch documentaries. In my whole life, I watched only 5-7 documentaries I think. When I saw ‘cat’ in the title I just clicked it and started watching. And it’s a brilliantly well-made documentary. It’s so gripping. I could not stop watching it. Just watching this documentary I found how you can … Continue reading Don’t F**k with Cats

crop blue footed booby standing on boulder

Today I learned there is a bird with blue feet.

Blue-footed booby. that’s the name of the bird. And when I searched for Blue-footed booby and I found there are more booby birds. Brown booby, Masked booby, Nazca booby, Peruvian booby, and A bird with red feet it’s called Red-footed booby. All booby birds are seabirds. That Booby looks cute. And here are the blue Boobies dancing. via GIPHY Continue reading Today I learned there is a bird with blue feet.